One of America's Best Hands on Venture Capital

AmBex Venture Group is a private venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley that invests in information technology, health science and financial service companies. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Chong-Moon Lee, we provide direct early stage and growth capital to entrepreneurs focused on building enduring companies around new technologies and new applications of technology. We leverage our direct investments in companies with investments in other venture partnership funds with similar focus and investment philosophy.

Through our Silicon Valley Venture Fund we invest directly in the early and growth stage of information technology and financial service companies. In addition to providing financial resources, we support entrepreneurs and start-up executives with our operating experience, investment banking expertise and an extensive network of relationships. We help entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas and experience into successful companies. We treat founders and start-up executives like we would like to be treated.

To date, our Silicon Valley Venture Fund has invested in 23 startup companies. These include such companies as Tripwire, Inc., Innovative Robotics, Inc., Interpolls, Sentius, Inc., Garage Technology Ventures, Ubitech, Inc., AuctionNet, Inc., SmartLight, Inc., and Nara Bank. We have also invested venture capital in such companies as Acclaim Communications, Inc., acquired in 2000 by Intel Corporation (INTC, Nasdaq), Calydon, Inc., acquired in 2002 by Cell Genesys, Inc. (CEGE, Nasdaq), TerraLogic, Inc., acquired in 2002 by Zoran Corporation (ZRAN, Nasdaq), Wisenut Inc., acquired in 2003 by Looksmart, Inc. (LOOK, Nasdaq), Asiana Bank, acquired in 2003 by Nara Bank (NARA, Nasdaq), Neomagic Inc.(NMGC, Nasdaq) and SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. (SIRF, Nasdaq), the later of which completed its initial public offering in April 2004.

Through our AmBex Venture Investment Fund we invest in other venture partnership funds that tend to share our focus and philosophy on entrepreneurial investing. We have invested in 26 venture partnership accounts organized by equity funds. These include investments in Sequoia International Partners, Summit Partners, Goldman Sachs Private Equity Funds, SSB Communication Fund, TA Associates, Draper Fisher Jurveston, KLM Capital Partners, Technology Crossover Venture Partners, New Millennium Partners, Ignite Japan IT 2000 Partners, J. H. Whitney III Fund, and Walden Venture Capital Funds.

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